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Employment Litigation and Mediation Services

Representing Employer and Employee Interests

When it comes to employment disputes, policies, and practices, Erickson, Davis, Murphy, Johnson & Walsh, Ltd. can assist you with your employment law services. We handle all aspects of employment law for employers and employees. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your case.

Our Employment Law Services Include

  • Discrimination cases
  • Wage claims
  • Wrongful termination
  • Employment policies and handbooks
  • Employment disputes
  • Drafting and advising employers in severing employment relationships

We also represent employees with the State of Illinois, the Federal Government, and other local government entities, such as the Decatur Human Relations Commission.

Employment Mediation Services in Decatur, IL

If you're dealing with an employment dispute, mediation can be an attractive alternative to litigation. Many employers require mediation and arbitration as necessary steps before letting cases under the Fair Labor Standards Act or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission proceed to litigation. Working with a mediator in Decatur, IL is also a popular voluntary choice, since proceedings can remain confidential and the cost of pursuing the case is far less than going to court.

When you choose our mediation service in Decatur, IL, our trained mediator facilitates a negotiation between both sides, while you retain complete control over the outcome of the dispute. This means having more options available to resolve the case besides financial damages, including restoration of employment, additional benefits, changes to ongoing corporate policies, or assisted outplacement with a different employer.

Call Erickson, Davis, Murphy, Johnson & Walsh, Ltd. today to find out if mediation is the ideal option for your employment case and get to know a trusted mediator in Decatur, IL.


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